SEDAYU is managed by world-class and epxerienced Renewable Energy professionals with extensive local knowledge

Fendi Liem

Graduated from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in 1999, Fendi Liem worked for the world’s largest management consulting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting, in Sydney, Australia before returning to Indonesia in 2006. After a few years working for some of Indonesia’s leading private investment companies, Fendi Liem set up PT Selaras Daya Utama (SEDAYU) in 2009. Started as the distributor of world’s leading Renewable Energy products, Fendi successfully transforms SEDAYU to one of Indonesia’s leading Renewable Energy companies. Fendi is a certified Renewable Energy consultant (RENAC, 2016) and He also received the Australia Alumni Awards for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (2017), Australian Award for Transformational Business Leadership (2016) and Sustainable Business Development for Emerging Economies Awards (2015) from the Netherland.

Rizki Arsy Mulyani

Rizki has almost a decade of experience in Solar Power industry since her time in Indonesia State-Owned Enterprise PT INTI before joining SEDAYU in 2017. Graduated from the University Islam Bandung (UNISBA), Rizki currently manage the operational activities in SEDAYU and report directly to Fendi Liem. She is the key instrument in developing SEDAYU projects, especially those in remote and isolated areas for the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Rizki is certified Project Manager and accredited Electrical Engineer with the Association of Electric Engineers in Indonesia.

Ronny Sihaloho

Joining SEDAYU in 2009, Ronny is one of the first team members together with SEDAYU founder, Fendi Liem. Ronny completed his Bachelor of Electrical Engineer from the University of Sumatera Utara in 1995. As a certified electrical engineer and member of Indonesia Electrical Engineers Association, he heads SEDAYU Technical Division with responsibility from the Design to Commissioning stages of the projects. With almost a decade of hands-on experience, Ronny is also a certified and trained professional of the world’s leading Solar Power technology companies, including Fronius.

Fidel Castro

As an electrical engineer graduate from the State Islamic University of Sultan Syarif Kasim in Riau, Fidel Castro is an experienced Project Manager and Sales Engineer with a complete skill set required to develop world-class Solar Power Plants, from AutoCAD, PVSyst to SketchUp. Fidel has also successfully completed various trainings, from PPM Project Management training to technical certifications by world’s leading Renewable Energy products including SMA (Germany). In SEDAYU, Fidel is promoted with extra responsibility in developing the market based on his strong technical and project management skills.

Muhammad Iqbal Yuze

Muhammad Iqbal Yuze or commonly called Yuze hold Bachelor of Electrical Engineering focusing on Renewable Energy Technology and Policy from the State Islamic University of Sultan Syarif Kasim in Riau. As a certified engineer with extensive experience in the development of Solar Power Plants, from design to commissioning stages, Yuze plays an important role in ensuring the successful implementation of SEDAYU projects. On top of his hands-on experience, Yuze has successfully completed formal training from industry-leaders including SMA (Germany).

Luh Putu Feby Valentina

Responsible for the Accounting and Finance division in SEDAYU, Luh Putu Feby Valentina or Feby is a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Udayana in Bali. On top of this, Feby is also an accredited Brevet A and B, enabling her to oversee the taxation matters. As Accounting and Finance Manager, Feby is responsible for managing the financial aspects of the company, from the overall financial statements to the shareholders and partners to the corporate tax reports.

Ahmad Fauzan

Started as an intern in SEDAYU, Ahmad Fauzan was recruited to join the SEDAYU team as a Sales Engineers in 2018 with responsibility to support the Sales, Marketing and Technical teams. His Mechanical Engineering background from the University of Indonesia, combined with his leadership skill and experience in using designer application including PVSyst makes Fauzan an integral part of the team instantly.

Onny Yuliana

Reporting to Feby, Onny Yuliana is Assistant Manager – Finance, responsible for daily financial transaction of the company, from petty-cash and billing administration to procurement support. Graduated from the Indonesian-American education institute, Onny is an excellent team-player and good communicator, able to support the financial operation of SEDAYU.